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Why Today’s Top Auto Dealers Still Rely On Direct Mail

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

It’s no secret that auto dealers will try just about anything (legal, of course) to get you to buy a car. From TV commercials to eye-catching displays outside their showrooms, they do them all. To a large degree, many of those marketing strategies work well for them. After all; most of us need to buy cars at some point!

These days, the Internet plays an enormous part in marketing. Not just for car dealers, of course, but all businesses in general. One would assume that auto dealerships don’t rely on “traditional” marketing. But, one would be wrong!

Auto DealersDirect mail is the term marketers use for sending promotional materials to your door. Quite often, you will receive personalized letters and brochures inviting you to visit them. Digital marketers will often tell you that direct mail is as dead as the dodo. But, it’s still something that works for car dealers everywhere. Here’s why:

It’s an effective tool for marketing to existing customers

When a car dealer sells a vehicle, they hope to see the customer again in another three years or so. In fact, many loyal auto buyers will visit the same dealership in the future. But, some of those people might get tempted elsewhere.

It’s in the interest of the dealership to keep their brand in the customer’s mind. One way of doing that is by sending them direct mail on a regular basis. It’s a tactic that works for any industry, not just for auto dealerships.

It’s easier to target people in a specific demographic

Car dealers usually have particular target markets. For example, some might sell high-end vehicles to wealthy people. While others may target those that want a cheaper car. The brilliant thing about automotive direct mail campaigns is they’re perfect for niche demographics. They allow dealers to target only the people likely to buy from them.

Sure, one could do something similar online with a Google AdWords campaign, for example. But, there’s no real way of telling if your ads get served to only that niche market.

Another advantage over the online method is you can address people by their names. Online advertising is, for the most part, anonymous. In those cases, one won’t be able to find out about who looks at their ads unless they get contacted by those users.

Dealers can target people that seldom use computers

Yes, we live in a digital age. But, that doesn’t mean we all use (or like using) computers, smartphones, and tablets. There are a lot of folks out there that prefer paper over PCs!

It would be crazy for auto dealers not to target such individuals. That’s another reason direct mail makes sense.

It’s a brilliant way of drawing people to an event

Many car dealers have special “closed” venues. These are exclusive events that are only open to existing customers. The idea behind them is that existing buyers can upgrade to new models and make big savings.

Those events usually happen during quiet periods, such as the run-up to the holidays.

I could keep talking about the many benefits of direct mail for auto dealers. But, it’s plain to see how they work for those companies. So, don’t expect not to receive mailings from dealers you’ve bought cars from in the past!

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