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The Best Luxury Car Manufacturers in History

On Sunday, May 15th, 2016

There are a few top car manufacturers out there that offer luxury to drivers. The brands below are the ones that do this best. If you are looking for a car that is going to offer you luxurious interiors and a smooth ride on the road, these are the brands to consider.

Rolls Royce Wraith


This renowned British car brand is one of the most revered in the industry. You know that you are going to get a good car when you buy from Rolls-Royce. They work hard to make sure that every car that rolls off the production line is finished to the highest possible standard. The attention to detail that goes into creating each and every Rolls-Royce car is quite extraordinary. Each steering wheel that is used in the cars is crafted by hand. And there are not many car companies that offer this level of attention to the production and design process. We should never under-appreciate how much love goes into making these cars.


Of all the German car companies that offer luxury, none is as strong as Mercedes-Benz. Companies like Audi and BMW offer tough competition. But none of them have yet managed to challenge Mercedes-Benz strongly enough. Whether it’s the E-Class or the C-Class, the company know how to create cars that offer people the kind of luxury that the expect from the brand. When there is that level of expectation hanging over the company, it can be difficult. So, it’s to the credit of Mercedes-Benz that they never seem to let people down. Each new car seems to be an upgrade on the last.


The Jaguar brand has been one of the best known and widely loved luxury car companies in the world for decades. They are cars that are difficult to maintain in some ways though. If you want to keep your Jaguar in good shape, then you need to take advantage of servicing at H.A. Fox. If you can look after the car and allow it to maintain its high-performance levels, owning a Jaguar can be a real pleasure. They are known for creating cars that have the very best interiors of any car on the market. The leather is always of the highest quality, and the padding is ergonomically designed.


Lexus is certainly the best Asian manufacturer of luxury cars. Lexus makes cars that are great for people who like spacious sedans and care about the environment. The cars always have great hybrid engines that dramatically cut the CO2 emissions of the cars. So, you can drive a great luxury Lexus and still be environmentally conscious. This is one of the main selling points that the Lexus brand likes to emphasise. Which is the best luxury Lexus on the market right now though? The Lexus IS is one of the best; that’s for sure. It had a recent remake and a perfect V6 engine. It’s such a fun car to drive as well, and it’s not the only great car that Lexus has made.

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