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Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi To Launch 12 New All-Electric Cars By 2022

On Monday, September 18th, 2017

Renault-Nissan Alliance will launch 12 separate all-electric vehicles globally by 2022 as part of the ‘Alliance 2022’ six-year strategic plan that also fully integrates recently acquired Mitsubishi Motors in their alliance.

Renaut Nissan

Over the same period, the Alliance will introduce 40 models with different levels of autonomy, including at least one that won’t require any human intervention at all.

Alliance 2022 plans a major expansion in shared electric vehicle technologies, alongside the development and deployment of advanced autonomous drive systems, vehicle connectivity and new mobility services.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi aims to increase the range of its electric cars to more than 600 kilometers (373 miles), smaller batteries and speeded-up charging time. It wants 15 minutes of charging time to allow 230 kilometers (140 miles) of range, up from 90 kilometers (55 miles) of range now.

The Alliance 2022 plan was announced by Carlos Ghosn, chairman and chief executive officer of the Alliance, in Paris on Friday.

“Today marks a new milestone for our member companies. By the end of our strategic plan Alliance 2022, we aim to double our annual synergies to €10 billion. To achieve this target, on one side Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors will accelerate collaboration on common platforms, powertrains and next-generation electric, autonomous and connected technologies. From the other side, synergies will be enhanced by our growing scale. Our total annual sales are forecast to exceed 14 million units, generating revenues expected at $240 billion by the end of the plan,” said Ghosn.

Under Alliance 2022, the member companies will increase their use of common platforms, with nine million units based on four common platforms. The plan will also extend the use of common powertrains to 75 percent of total sales.

The launch of a new logo and online presence was also revealed for the Alliance, symbolizing the growing convergence and cooperation between the member companies.

Mitsubishi joined what had been the Renault Nissan Alliance beginning last year, when Nissan took effective control of Mitsubishi.

Mr. Ghosn concluded: “This plan will boost the growth and profitability of our member companies. We intend to deliver on growing synergies, with three autonomous companies cooperating with the efficiency of one. The Alliance has grown and performed with two members since 1999. With Alliance 2022, we will prove that we will grow and perform with three companies or more.”

At the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, several car manufacturers, including Jaguar Land Rover, Honda, BMW and Daimler, vaunted electric and other low-emissions technology strategies. Volkswagen AG notably announced a long-term electrification campaign, saying its brands would introduce 80 new electric vehicles by 2025.

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