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Reinvigorated Lexus Sets All-Time Sales Record In June 2015

On Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Lexus Australia achieved an all-time sales record in June, confirming the luxury marque’s strong growth and increased recognition in the local market.

Reinvigorated Lexus 2015

Lexus sold 1186 vehicles in June, surpassing the previous record of 1106 set in October 2007.

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said the unprecedented result underlined the newfound energy in Lexus backed by dynamic new product, strong dealer support and successful positioning of the brand to aspiring luxury customers.

“2015 has been a particularly strong year for Lexus across all areas of the business and we are delighted to see all this come to fruition with such an impressive sales result in June,” Mr Hanley said.

“This supports the hard work of our team and dealers while also proving that there is great interest in our new vehicle lines, which is evidenced by the high and consistent number of customer orders.”

Mr Hanley also said Lexus had seen significant benefit from its introduction of a bold new design direction aimed at attracting new customers to the brand.

“Lexus is ideally positioned to introduce new buyers to the brand as the luxury segment grows and becomes more accessible to aspiring, new-to-luxury customers,” he said.

Mr Hanley added that Lexus’ involvement in key brand activities had helped to position the Lexus brand in new areas and broaden its appeal.

“We are committed to our brand pursuits outside the traditional automotive space that complement our core business activities,” he said.

“These include Lexus film, design and other exciting initiatives such as the Lexus Hoverboard, which has already caused a sensation around the world while showcasing our design and engineering capabilities.

“The teaser film for the Lexus Hoverboard recorded 6,010,171 YouTube views in the first four days of it being published, which confirms the interest and buzz around this innovative project,” Mr Hanley said.

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