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Land Rover Profits Boom: Time to Invest?

On Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

One of the cornerstones of the British car manufacturing industry, Jaguar Land Rover recently announced profits of £2.6 billion for the last year, in what represents another milestone for the brand. The figures represent a rise of £133 million on the previous year, which was itself a new high. Bu, what’s causing the high? And is it time you invested in a Land Rover?

Land RoverWhat’s Causing Land Rover’s Rise?

Land Rover described their profits as representing a fifth successive year of ‘solid growth, robust financial results and continuous investment in its future’. Much of Jaguar Land Rover’s rise, it is believed, comes down to strategic planning and financial viability.

In addition, 2014-15 also saw a significant expansion of Land Rover’s range of vehicles as well as new technologies and an expansion of their export market.

Specifically, the past year has seen Jaguar Land Rover release three new Jaguars, the all-new XE and F-Pace as well as the new XF and the start of sales of the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Should I Invest in a Land Rover?

With this in mind, it appears as though now is the perfect time to invest in a Land Rover, but what are your best options?

Defender: One of Land Rover’s more rugged off-road models, the Defender is a true British classic. It is slightly more dated now, which means that older models are available slightly cheaper. However, it still stands up to all comers and challengers. If you need an off-road vehicle, look no further than the defender.

Discovery 4: The Discovery 4 cemented Land Rover’s renaissance and was pivotal in their booming profits. With a 3.0l V6 engine, it comes complete with plenty of power, making it quick, practical and perfect for large families.

Freelander 2: The benchmark for all baby SUVs, the Freelander 2 can literally go anywhere, and it can definitely stake a claim to being the most versatile car in the world. If you need an adventurous car to match your lifestyle, the Freelander 2 is the perfect choice.

So, there we have it, Jaguar Land Rover’s booming profits make now the perfect time to invest in your own Land Rover. If you’re interested in finding your own Land Rover, then take a good look online from places like Ridgeway Garages. That way, you can see what’s available for you in your price range – good luck hunting.

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