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It’s Official: The Used Van Market Is Thriving!

On Friday, November 6th, 2015

We all know that commercial vehicles are durable workhorses. They take a hell of a battering during their lives but are still reliable and capable vehicles. Most of the time, you’ll see vans driven by people in connection with their work. Sometimes you may even see individuals driving them for leisure purposes.

There’s no denying that vans are an essential part of our lives. They are practical and outlast many cars of the same age. One interesting fact about vans is their value.

Van Market

You would expect vans to be worthless after a few years, given their condition and high mileage. But, it seems that used vans are appreciating in value! It’s quite a curious trend, don’t you think?

According to Fleet World, the prices of many used vans have risen by as much as 30% in just six months! Indeed, looking at and other sites like it confirms that fact. But, why is the used van market thriving so much?

Don’t get me wrong: an improving economy is a good sign. I decided to do some research into the subject; here’s what I found out:

There are too many old vans on the market

When you run a business, it’s important you have a reliable van for the job. Many former fleet vans are re-entering the market some years later, battered and bruised.

As a result, van dealers are seeing more demand for newer models that are cheaper than brand new ones. They don’t want the “bargain basement” vans as some people call them.

The issue with older vans is that they cost more to maintain. It often makes more sense to spend more buying a newer van with lower maintenance costs.

There is more choice

More almost-new and used vans are entering the market each day. That means buyers have a wealth of options at their disposal. For example, many of today’s newer vans come with automatic transmissions.

Such models may suit companies that want to cut down on fuel and repair costs. These days, automatic gearboxes are more efficient than manuals. Vehicle technology has come a long way since the days of the slush box.

Now it’s possible to get dual-clutch automatics that offer the best of both worlds. One can drive the van as they would a typical automatic. Or, they can shift up and down without needing to use a clutch pedal.

Aside from gearboxes, van buyers can also choose models with alternative fuels. Diesels make up a large part of the market, of course. But, it’s also possible to buy petrol and even electric models too. Check out to find out why more van drivers are going electric!

Vans are within reach of private buyers

Quite often you will find that people want to get vans that aren’t for business purposes. They just prefer the practicality that having a van offers.

Others may wish to convert their van into a campervan, for example. For many years, private buyers have seldom bought vans because of their high price. Nowadays, both new and used vans are cheaper to get.

When it comes to used vans, consumers can also get them on finance too.

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