What To Do With Your Car During And After A Move Across States

car carrying trailer

Moving home is always a particularly big deal. Relocating your family and all your stuff is no picnic. As much as you may love it, the car can add a degree of hassle as well. Sometimes it’s not viable to drive it all the way there. Sometimes when you get there, you might find that state law means you need to make some changes. Then there’s the paperwork that needs to be done for car owners regardless of whether it needs changed or not. It can be a pain in the neck, so we’ve prepared these pointers to help anyone prepare to moving with a car is a lot less trouble.

car carrying trailer

Transporting your car

If you want to take your car alongside your stuff as you’re moving, it might not be a very efficient idea to have someone drive it. For one, if there aren’t many adults moving, you’ll have two drivers with less people to share the trip with. That also means less people to share the burden of driving. Sometimes, transporting your car in other ways, via shipping services or using a trailer, is a better option. Even if it costs a bit more.

Registering a car

If you move states, you have to do a certain amount of legal legwork to make your car legal to drive around your new home. Most important of these is ensuring you change your car registration. Each state has its own rules regarding car registration. These might seem counterintuitive or downright random. So before you move, check a DMV from within the state to find out what exactly you need to do.

Finding a new mechanic pronto

One of the things you should immediately do upon getting your car to a new state is finding a new auto repair service. Not only are there safety standards that change from state to state that you want to make sure you fit. You also want to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the benefits that new customers get after their first service in a lot of these services. Then when you need to next visit because of car trouble, you should find yourself getting a discount or some service on top of your fix.

If you’re looking to trade in

Some people would rather just sell their current ride and buy new when they get to their new home. That’s a perfectly viable option for cutting out some of the hassle that comes with transportation. But what about value for money? It’s well known that car trading can be more expensive in some places. So where’s the best state to sell your current car? Where’s the best state to buy a new one? Crossing state lines might take some of the convenience out of the decision, but it could save you a lot of money.

Before you move, make sure you do your research. What legal steps do you need to register a car? Should you sell your car before or after the move? How are you going to transport it? Answering these questions will take a lot of hassle from the journey.