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The Secret To Passing Your Driving Exam First Time

On Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Here at Auto Loud, we love testing out the fastest new models, and watching the new releases with awe. We’re sure you do the same when we bring you news of the new Ferrari or the latest Mustang. It’s all very well looking and reading about these cars. But nothing compares to getting behind the wheel, and pushing them to their limit. Of course, before you do, you need to get your driving test out of the way. (Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as people say!) For beginner drivers, following car blogs is an unrequited love. It’s time to pass your test, and see how a great car feels!

Learner DriversChoose a reliable instructor

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to driving instructors. But, don’t jump into the first one you come across. Take the time to look at their pass-rates and previous experience. You’re looking for the instructor that will help you pass first time. If you’re keen to get it out of the way, you could consider intensive driving lessons. These will teach you all the skills you need over a quick course. With these instructors, you’ll pass your test in half the time.

Practice the maneuvers

One of the biggest reasons for failing your driving test is messing up the maneuvers. During the test, you’ll be ask to perform at least three. It’ll be the turn-in-the-road, the reverse park, reverse-around-a-corner or parallel park. They’re all very tricky, and there are plenty of points to be lost here. As with most of the exam, the key is confidence. By practicing these routines over and over again, you’ll fly through them during the real test.

Learn the local area

Your test will take place on your local roads and streets. Hopefully, you should be quite familiar with them, and that will give you confidence. Learn all the trickiest hill-starts, one way streets, and busy town centres. If you know the roads well, there is nothing to surprise you. A good instructor will make sure you get to know the entire road system. That should help calm your nerves on the big day.

Practice outside the lessons

Confidence is the most important aspect on your driving test. And that only comes from lots and lots of driving. The longer you spend behind the wheel, the more comfortable you are out on the road. You’ll need to convince a willing driver to let you get behind the wheel, but it will really boost your chances. Practice the maneuvers, and drive around until you feel confident.

Stay calm during the exam

When the day finally comes, you’ll start to feel those nerves kick in. For some people, the driving test is terrifying, and you’ll have to overcome those concerns. Book an extra hour-long test before the exam so you can ease into the driving. Take this time to get used to the car, and practice some simple driving. Try to remain calm. Remember, you’ve got this!

If you’ve followed this advice, you’ll pass your test in no time at all. Good luck out there!

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