The Best Seat Covers for Carpool Moms


As a mom, you deal with spills, dirt and other messes on a regular basis, a fact that you readily accepted when you gave birth to your own bundle of joy. However, when it comes to other kids’ messes, you’re not so accepting. If you’re a carpool mom who is tired of living with stains left by a kid other than your own, you don’t have to drop out of the carpool to get peace of mind—you simply have to invest in kid-friendly car seat covers.

The Best Seat Covers for Carpool Moms

Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas car seat covers were designed with moms who do it all in mind. From transporting your daughter and five of her teammates to and from soccer practice, to ensuring your son and his friends have a ride after a pick-up game of baseball, your car seats don’t get a rest. Fortunately, canvas material is durable, easy to clean and can even be made to be water- and stain-resistant. When you employ this heavy-duty material, you’ll find yourself worrying a little less and enjoying your kids’ friends’ company a little more.

Velour Seat Covers

Velour may sound too high end for muddy feet and sticky foods, but it’s actually just the material you need to maintain a clean vehicle interior and a bit of your sanity. Velour seat covers are soft and velvety, and provide a comfy resting place for your backside. Best of all, it’s an extremely durable material that is easy to spot-clean—you know for those instances when you thought it would be a good idea to buy everyone cherry-limeade slushies as a reward for a game well played. This is why Velour is one of the best seat cover fabrics in the market today.

Cleaning up after your own child is a seemingly endless job, so throwing other kids’ messes into the mix can add much unneeded stress to your life. Fortunately, there are car seat covers designed with carpool moms like you in mind. Make life a little easier on yourself, and look into canvas and velour car seat covers today.