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Motorcycle Safety Tips For New Riders

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Just getting started on your new motorcycle? If so, there are a few things you need to think about before getting out and about on the roads. The fact is that there are serious injury figures for motorcyclists, no matter how well you think you can ride. And, the vast majority of accidents are due to inexperience and occur within the first year or so of riding.

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In today’s guide, we’re going to reveal some of the best tips out there to help keep you safe. Follow these rules, and you should avoid most dangerous incidents, and give yourself a shot of getting to the second year of motorcycling.

Be defensive

Greta motorcyclists understand that drivers of other vehicles are often the problem. It’s for this reason that most will ride their bikes defensively. You have to be aware of potential risks – even when you have the right of way. Motorcyclists can be difficult to spot, too, and you might get hit without a driver even realizing. Be defensive, always plan ahead, and you will have more chance of taking safer actions.

Be aware of the weather

Because you are on two wheels, your bike is more susceptible than a car when it comes to the weather. Roads can get slippery quickly when it rains – and you have to take more care of road markings, too. Not only that, of course, but car drivers might have windscreen problems, so won’t be able to see you. Also, the driving rain or snow can cause havoc to the visor on your helmet. In adverse conditions, it’s best not to ride at all. But if you have to, do so slowly and with even more safety than usual.

Ride in teams

You are more likely to be seen by car drivers if there are other motorcyclists around you. So, go out in groups as much as you can – particularly in the early days. You can get sena 20s intercoms to communicate with each other, too. It’s a great way to talk to each other about potential hazards in the road ahead that others might not have seen.

Always wear hi-vis clothing

No, wearing high visibility clothing isn’t as cool as going for the all-black leather look. But, given that the latter is more likely to see you in a morgue, there isn’t much cool about that at all. So, forget about trendsetting and concentrate on avoiding accidents. A flash of color in a car mirror might be all it takes for a driver to think twice about pulling out in front of you. It’s split second warnings we are talking here, so make sure you dress suitably.

Keep your speed down

Finally, make sure you keep your speed down, no matter how tempting it might be to wallop the throttle. Not only will it keep you out of trouble from the law, but it will also help you stay accident-free. As you get more experience, traveling faster will be an option. But, keep your speed down in the event of an accident – and you might just live to tell the tale.

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