Iconic Movie Cars Through The Ages

Iconic Movie Cars

There are countless motion pictures in which motor vehicles play a starring role, and many where they are even more memorable than their human costars. Though they are often best associated with action films where they can be blown up, shot to bits, and pushed to top speeds, iconic vehicles are not limited to thrilling films. A fair number of comedies, dramas, and even musicals just wouldn’t be the same without a gorgeous car taking center stage. The following infographic does an amazing job of illustrating some of the specs and fun facts of each iconic car.


cinematic cars infographic

The union of movies and motor vehicles really began to hit its stride in the 1960s and early 1970s. The early James Bond movies, as well as American action classics like Bullitt, created the indelible impression that behind every great action hero is a great car.

Though the golden era of American muscle cars and British touring cars is now in the past, there are still plenty of iconic vehicles gracing the silver screen. In the 1980s, Back to the Future used a DeLorean DMC-12 as the basis for a time machine, a smart move that made good use of the DeLorean’s futuristic look and exotic styling.

Even in to the new millennium, iconic movie cars continue to turn heads. However, modern designers may need to get a little more creative, as with the custom-built Batmobile created specially for Batman Begins in 2005.