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Car Splurge: Top 3 Luxury Cars for Moms

On Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

We must admit, kids have changed us. We have a very different perspective of the world now than we did before we had our little munchkins. We find ourselves seeing life through their eyes and we have our focus solely on the in everything we do, say and even think.

Lexus RX 450h

This goes for cars, as well. Remember when you were single or newly married and you had that dream car? Have you noticed that since you became a mom, that “dream” car seems to have morphed into that “safe and spacious” car? You want to protect your kids and you want a car that has all the space you need for kids, their toys and the bags of soccer balls or water and orange slices for the soccer games.

You love the idea of being practical, but why can’t you be cool as well? It seems that the minivan and the SUV, while being known for their safety ratings, are notvery cool cars. Why? Because it seems like everyone has them! And why should your “dream car” idea be crushed under the weight of children, their toys and those orange slices?

We women still have dreams, and we still want to be cool to our kids and other moms. But the dilemma has been that sometimes we find ourselves having to choose between what is practical and safe and what is “cool” At least, that has been the trend, but it has been shifting.

Darn it, when push comes to shove in that dilemma, we have become practical. But there is good news – you don’t have to sacrifice fun or luxury for practicality anymore. You can be a cool mom with a cool mom’s car! Here are three top luxury car models in the market that satisfy that practical mom and still meet that fun, let-the-hair-down woman you always have been.

  1. Lexus RX 450h is for the “green”-eyed mom out there who wants fuel efficiency but lots of space. It’s a hybrid vehicle that has room which seems to belie its size and can get more than 30 miles to the gallon. It retails for around $46,000.
  2. Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon. Retailing at about $65,000, this Caddy has a similar look to the classic station wagon of yesteryear, without the wood paneling. It has massive power (550 horsepower) and classic station-wagon space with a sporty look and luxury features.
  3. Range Rover Sport. While this is part of the “uncool” SUV class, it has a style, cool factor and feel that defies its SUV-ness. Retailing at about $61,500, it definitely qualifies as a luxury but its amenities will give you fun and that “cool mom” perception you really want!

So there you have it – three cars that are great for moms and that don’t fit the SUV or mini-van mold but meet the goals of safety, reliability and space for the family yet achieve your deep-seated goal of fun, coolness and the best-of-both-worlds attitude that you so rightly deserve. Happy cool car shopping!

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