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A Lean, Clean Machine: Car Cleaning 101

On Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Let’s face it, cars are expensive! We are always trying to find ways to cut down on any spending after fixing up our car after the last bill came in at probably the equivalent of a month’s rent! Although, it seems that we can never really cut back on the cost of our car because there’s always something that arises, and as we are not mechanics we can’t fix the problem ourselves, otherwise we would save ourselves the whole lot of cash! But there are superficial things you can do to give your car a bit more value. So let’s have a look regarding getting the interior prepped and ready for service, as well as the outside issues.

Cleaning your Car

Cleaning your Car

Preparing The Vehicle

It’s always a problem trying to fix the interior after your kids have spilled fizzy drinks and sticky lollipops all over the place. So before you start running after the kids, you can fix the interior to get it looking almost like new, and it only takes a weekend to do! So before you start, make sure that you vacuum and shampoo the vehicle allowing plenty of time for it to dry. To help clean the carpet, vinyl, plastic and velour all it takes is the right reconditioning products. It’s very easy to find the right color for your interior, as many reconditioner brands have their own color charts.

Cleaning The Car Interior

For the vinyl or plastic, by using a scuff pad, make sure that you apply the reconditioning soap to every surface, focusing more on the surfaces that have more texture. Once finished, wipe the surfaces down using a dampened cloth, allowing them to dry. For the carpets and velour, spray the leather prep on the carpets and scrub it lightly with a nylon brush. Once the prep is dried, use a vacuum on it. Just so you know, the spray will smell very strongly of solvent, so if you move the car into an area with a lot more shade, you can leave the interior drying naturally with the windows down.

The Exterior

Remember when it comes to serious car problems don’t attempt to fix it yourself always use a certified mechanic or garage such as GSM Automotive, but if there are issues that you think you can fix yourself there are ways to do it.

When it comes to the exterior maintenance, there are usually problems such as scratches or dents, but these are easily solved. To fix scratches, there are many DIY scratch removers that can remove a lot of the standard scratch causes like keys. If you have problems with the headlights looking quite milky in color, this is a very common issue because of oxidization in the covering, which can really cause you problems while driving at night, but there are specialist products that you can use. And finally, when it comes to the dents, there are a couple of effective ways to fix these. Firstly you can use a plunger, and the suction is usually strong enough to reverse it or using a standard blow dryer or an air duster to expand and contract the problem area, the dent can pop out.

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